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Another Day.


Another Adventure.


The MINI Coupé. Created for small, narrow alley-ways in the city, but also for fast motorway stretches.

Ever-present: the typical MINI go-kart feeling.
Triggered by its agile suspension, rigid chassis, low centre of gravity and the venomous attack of the brakes. All perfectly matched to the powerful engines ranging from 90 kW (120 hp) to 155 kW (211 hp).


Real eye-catchers are the flat front, the roof in 1970s-style racing helmet design and the short, firm rear. They cause many a pulse to race – among drivers, and onlookers alike.

The interior is equally convincing: the aerodynamic two-seater not only moves the occupants but also boasts a variable and hence sizeable boot.




The new MINI Coupé always maintains its form. And adapts it to the conditions. Above 80 km/h, the rear spoiler extends electrically to reduce lift on the back axle and thus generate aerodynamic stability, allowing the Coupé to do full justice to the road.

The new MINI Coupé is also ideally equipped for everyday use. And casually displays its inner strength: its gigantic boot lid reveals the spacious luggage compartment. The volume of 280 litres copes easily with luggage for two or the big weekend shop.






With its unusual design, the new MINI Coupé attracts attention wherever it goes. On the road and beside. Its extroverted body shape identifies the two-seater as a thoroughbred athlete. Its small frontal area with the flat inclined windscreen, the low roof with rearward extension including integrated spoiler and the distinctive rear end all speak a clear language.

Outside of the city is where the spirited two-seater really comes up trumps: above 80 km/h, the rear spoiler emerges. It ensures superb road holding at high speed by reducing lift, while at the same time attracting interest from the drivers behind.

Optional sport stripes add speed to the visual appearance. In fact, they have always been the trademark of those brazen g-machines with powerful engines. They are available in black, silver and red. The latter are the exclusive preserve of the MINI John Cooper Works Coupé. One other dress code: the stripes of bonnet and boot always have the same colour as the roof. And the stripe on the roof is always identical to the body finish.


The new MINI Coupé is a well-trained two-seater with premium comfort.

The front seating position is also extremely comfortable for larger passengers on long journeys. Special design elements have been integrated into the roof liner with the aim of substantially increasing the headroom.

Even the boot displays its generous side: with a volume of 280 litres it is ideally suited to everyday use and can easily compete with its large brother, the MINI Clubman.

The MINI Coupé also has all manner of refinements to help ease life with a sports car. Highlights are the practical compartment behind the seats and the load-through system to the rear section. Ideally designed so that you don’t have to think about getting in and out and can concentrate fully on the driving.








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